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One Health in the world


August 11-14, 2024
The 2nd International Conference on Microbiology and One Health
International Center for Interdisciplinary Science and Education, Quy Nhon City, Vietnam.

The primary goal of the conference is to provide an international forum for leading academic scientists, researchers, medical doctors, and scholars from around the world to discuss microbiology topics, mainly focusing on One Health. The comprehensive scientific program of the conference includes plenary talks, keynote talks, and oral and poster sessions where researchers worldwide will present and discuss the latest results.

August 30, 2024
3rd Infectious diseases and One Health Day – One Health in Action: ending inequalities to achieve global health
Alumni of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree program in Infectious Diseases and One Health, Université de Tours, Tours, France

This one-day international conference aims to bring together students and young professionals with top-researchers and professionals that are working on the development and implementation of integrated approaches to address current global health problems.

September 20-23, 2024
8th World One Health Congress
Cape Town, South Africa

Overseen by the Global One Health Community (formerly the One Health Platform), a Conference Scientific Program Committee and a Local Program Committee are under development to plan and organize the next World One Health Congress.

September 30-October 3, 2024
International Avian Influenza and One Health Emerging Issues Summit                                                                            Excellence for Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA. Hybrid event.

The first day will be to cover HPAI in commercial poultry. The next day will cover the panzootic situation. This year we are including Emerging Issues to cover other important economic diseases affecting commercial poultry, swine, cattle, bees, and humans as One Health.


17 July 2024, A prosperous and competitive Europe fueled by better animal health

15 July 2024, How One Health can help ease climate-driven health crises

28 June 2024, One Health sustainable financing: National investment dialogue underlines why it pays off

25 June 2024, Cholera: Lagos deploys One Health strategy in the fight against outbreak

24 June 2024, Namibia Takes a Step Towards a Healthier Future with the Launch of a National One Health Strategy

20 June 2024, Prioritising climate change and infectious diseases: An interview with Yewande Alimi, One Health Unit Lead at Africa CDC

19 June 2024, Turkmenistan takes bold action to implement a “One Health” approach across the country

17 June 2024, Integrating One Health approach to surveillance, prevention and control of Dengue fever in Bangladesh

31 May 2024, New Climate and Health Resolution Wins Strong Support from WHO Member States

30 May 2024, Revised standards: strengthened actions to contain AMR

20 May 2024, New guidance for One Health field epidemiology workforce development

15 May 2024, Guidelines Issued for One Health Field Epidemiology Training

10 May 2024, Colombia Launches National Plan for the Elimination and Eradication of Communicable Diseases

9 May 2024, Commonwealth and PATH rally global leaders for One Health ap

7 May 2024, Reducing use and improved monitoring can help tackle antimicrobial pollution from livestock, fish farming

7 May 2024, One Health: a joint framework for action published by five EU agencies

6 May 2024, WOAH calls for continued vigilance amidst rise of antimicrobial use in animals

26 April 2024, Overview of Sweden’s One Health response to Antibiotic Resistance

22 April 2024, A One Health Approach to Preventing Human Trafficking: The Interconnected Health of Humans, Animals, and the Environment

17 April 2024, The Quadripartite organizations announce the second Term members of its One Health High-Level Expert Panel (OHHLEP)

15 April 2024, Launch of FAO project to strengthen animal health capacity and One Health approach in Madagascar

11 April 2024, I National One Health Congress: “It is necessary to protect ecosystems to prevent pandemics” (Spanish)

03 April 2024, Avian influenza: One Health surveillance is key to prevent virus evolving

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