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One Health in the world


April 21-23, 2024
International Symposium on One Health Research: Improving Food Security and Resilience
UTMB One Health, Galveston, Texas, USA, Hybrid Attendance

The Symposium will be unique in that food productions experts will be centrally featured with the goal of identifying common ground from which new interdisciplinary research partnerships might arise and lead to better food resilience.

May 30-31, 2024
The One Health Microbiome Symposium
Penn State University, PA, USA

The symposium will feature internationally-renowned keynote speakers, faculty and trainee research talks, poster sessions, and networking events. The goal of the One Health Microbiome Symposium is to showcase how diverse ecosystems are dependent upon their microbial communities and how microbes flow through these ecosystems to shape the outcomes of health and disease.

June 12-14, 2024
International One H Symposium

The One H International Symposium will allow scientists and professionals from universities, research institutes, public agencies, the private sectors and governments to meet and discuss about science covering the main One Health challenges to be faced in order to tackle infectious diseases.

June 18-22, 2024
One Health at the Singapore international Water Week 2024 (SIWW2024)
Singapore’s Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment and Singapore’s National Water Agency, Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

A cornerstone of SIWW, the Water Expo is the pre-eminent marketplace for the latest urban water technologies, innovation, and solutions for municipal and industrial water users in Southeast Asia.

August 11-14, 2024
The 2nd International Conference on Microbiology and One Health
International Center for Interdisciplinary Science and Education, Quy Nhon City, Vietnam.

The primary goal of the conference is to provide an international forum for leading academic scientists, researchers, medical doctors, and scholars from around the world to discuss microbiology topics, mainly focusing on One Health. The comprehensive scientific program of the conference includes plenary talks, keynote talks, and oral and poster sessions where researchers worldwide will present and discuss the latest results.

September 20-23, 2024
8th World One Health Congress
Cape Town, South Africa

Overseen by the Global One Health Community (formerly the One Health Platform), a Conference Scientific Program Committee and a Local Program Committee are under development to plan and organize the next World One Health Congress.


1 March 2024, Portugal must prepare “for new pandemics”, warns DGS (Portuguese)

29 February 2024, African Union launches digital One Health platform initiative in Naivasha, Kenya

28 February 2024, USAID, FAO Join Forces to Ensure One Health in Uzbekistan

27 February 2024, Using the One Health approach to build resilience and health security in Kosovo

13 February 2024, One Health nature conservation project in Central Asia launched by IUCN and partners

2 February 2024, ASEAN strengthens collective efforts to prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases from wildlife trade

25 January 2024, Building resilience: the Indonesia One Health Joint Plant of Action

9 January 2024, PMPs as part of the One Health initiative is theme of purdue pest management conference

5 January 2024, One Health in action: towards effective and feasible rabies elimination in Cambodia

24 December 2023, NIDS seeks urgent multi-sectoral strategy to tackle Public Health threats

21 December 2023, Advancing the One Health Agenda with a focus on environment

12 December 2023, G20 Plans ‘One Health’ Meeting as Zoonotic Threats Grow

10 December 2023, The Quadripartite launches a guide to support countries implement One Health approach

28 November 2023, Central Asian countries commit to the One Health Framework for Action: World Bank

24 November 2023, Harm to human health from air pollution in Europe: burden of disease 2023

16 November 2023, Ministers launch One Health Symposium at Royal College of Physicians Ireland

15 November 2023, One Health for the planet

15 November 2023, Plant health crucial to food safety via One Health approach

14 November 2023, One Health, One Welfare – Event in the European Parliament produces calls for EU holistic health policies on animal health, human health and the environment

13 November 2023, How a “One Health” approach could prevent another pandemic

13 November 2023, One Health: an all-encompassing strategy for better well-being

8 November 2023, Italy Considers a One-Health Approach to Zoonotic Diseases

3 November 2023, WHO urges investing in “One Health” actions for better health of the people and the planet

3 November 2023, World News in Brief: Protection call for refugees in Pakistan, ‘One Health’ plan launched, radio waves saving lives

3 November 2023, One Health: Connecting People, Environments, Animals and Plants for Sustainable Health Futures

3 November 2023, One Health Implementation: How could we translate the One Health approach into actions at all levels?

3 November 2023, How embracing the One Health approach can create a more sustainable planet

3 November 2023, An In-Depth Look at World One Health Day (Spanish)

3 November 2023, Delaware Celebrates Health for All on One Health Day and Every Day

3 November 2023, Washington state agencies unite to celebrate One Health Day

3 November 2023, One Health Day: University of Guelph Examines Impacts of Farming Practices on Animals, Humans and Environment

Other relevant information

Thorns: When Earth Refugees Are The Aliens
By Laura Kahn, MD, MPH, MPP

This One Health and social justice themed hard science fiction novella is geared for students ages 10 and up. Two parallel coming of age stories collide on a distant planet. Siddhartha, known as Siddie, and his parents joined a small group of families leaving Earth. Blue belonged to a species calling themselves kodrya (ko-drya). Unbeknownst to Blue, Earthlings were orbiting her world and preparing to land. One in particular, named Siddie, would change her destiny. This novella will be a useful teaching tool to educate students about One Health, social justice, and the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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